Transforming Kids opened in 2016, after Bridie the director of the clinic became frustrated by mainstream OT practise and pushed to open a speciality clinic focusing on Sensory Integration and Interpersonal Neurobiology whilst providing well researched clinical frameworks and engaging therapy for all clients.

Transforming Kids started as just an OT Clinic, but after our client's requests for Speech Pathology using the same fun and moving based approach, we added Speech to our services. 

Transforming Kids is all about understanding skills and behaviours and developing these through sensory integration and our Neuro based framework. Our Neuro OT framework is all about understanding how the brain functions, why it isn't functioning the desired way and then developing neural connections in order to develop skills and outputs. 

All Transforming Kids clinic's rooms use a variety of sensory integration equipment which is used in a playful and interactively designed way. Our clinician's plan for your child's sessions, developing a built in structure to play,  manipulating the session to complete activation principles and carefully selecting games, activities and suspended equipment such as swings in order to achieve developmental goals and functional improvements. 

All our clinicians work in a bottom up approach or inside out method, this means that we develop skills from the foundation, progressing to higher order skills. Bottom up therapy is the only way to develop skills that can be generalised and organised by the child without developing fractured or splinter skills. Fractured or splintered skills are skills which a child may develop but not fully understand. For example a child may repeat the phrases stated to them ''Do you want a drink" when asking for a drink. Another example of a fractured skill is being able to draw shapes when requested but being unable to use those shapes to draw an item. Fractures or splinter skills are a result of 'conditioning' and memory, they do not demonstrate purpose or understanding and are not functional skills. Check out our blog for more details. 



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